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Journey to Harmony


This week I have had the privilege of traveling with thirty pastors in the Twin Cities on a “journey to Harmony” visiting historic sites in the civil rights movement. It is a “Sankofa” trip which a west African word that refers to a bird that flies facing backward to protect an egg on its back. It is a metaphor for reflecting back on one’s past to preserve and carry forward what is necessary to guide us forward. It has been more than just a tour of interesting historical sites, but an opportunity to enter into the story and better understand how these stories have impacted our story and present reality. Even more it is to find in the midst of terrible suffering and injustice the signs of courage, strength, dignity, and God’s grace that have enabled the human spirit to persevere and move forward toward the light of shalom giving hope for a better future. In the process we have made new friends and have begun to form a bond with one another on a shared journey. We have traveled the path of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from his childhood home and resting place in Atlanta, to his church and testing ground in Montgomery, down the road where they marched from Selma and to the battle ground for justice in Memphis where he entered glory. We have followed the path from where slaves were taken off human trafficking ships on the shores of the Alabama River and marched to warehouses and slave markets a few blocks away, to a safe house in Memphis where a German immigrant family provided a safe house on the underground railroad for those risking their lives in a flight to freedom. Through the pain and progress of the past, the journey continues as we face the need for reconciliation in our own day in our own city. I look forward to sharing more with you about this profound experience in the days and weeks ahead. To see pictures and sites along our way you can go to Facebook and search #MNjourneytoharmony or Click here.