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kevinLEAD PASTOR / Kevin Walton
Visionary. Relator. Developer. Relates with diverse groups of people, drawing them together to inspire and lead them toward a higher vision. A lover of basketball, Thai food, cross-cultural experiences, canoe trips and being outdoors in God’s creation. Married to Cynthia Walton. Father to Lukas (his teenage son) and 3 other adult children.
Contact Kevin at Pastor@bethanyroseville.org

Believer. Caretaker. Organizer. Loves and serves God by drawing people into her world as though they were her own family. A lover of reading, quilting and babies. Married to Paul Hansen. Mother of 4 adult children (2 boys, 2 girls).

Contact Jennifer at office@bethanyroseville.org

Church Council
Council Facilitator – Pastor Kevin Walton
Church Clerk – Mariah Olson
Spiritual Growth Co-Chairs – Stephanie Sykes and Tannie Eshenaur
Missions Chair – Cynthia Walton
Treasurer – Kari Schell
Financial Secretary – Martin Meeks
Facilities Chair – Charlie Smith
Deacon Chair – Maria Spitael
Deacons – Mary Ellen Smith, Jenise Teske, Zach Evans, Meredith McKinnon
Amy Larson, Wendell Geary, John Wilson, Ntxawg Yang, Lois Peterson

Albert Botchway
Corey Colestock
Rebekka Colestock
Wally Eshenaur
Bruce Peterson