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kevinLEAD PASTOR / Kevin Walton
Visionary. Relator. Developer. Relates with diverse groups of people, drawing them together to inspire and lead them toward a higher vision. A lover of basketball, Thai food, cross-cultural experiences, canoe trips and being outdoors in God’s creation. Married to Cynthia Walton. Father to Lukas (his teenage son) and 3 other adult children.
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WORSHIP LEADER / Ana Lena Copeland
Maximizer. Authentic. Worshipper. Designer. Ana Lena believes in true authentic worship that is for God and God alone. She facilitates worship as we all come together before our Creator to acknowledge him for who he is. When she isn’t at Bethany leading worship she is a graphic designer, singer/songwriter and friend.
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Believer. Caretaker. Organizer. Loves and serves God by drawing people into her world as though they were her own family. A lover of reading, quilting and babies. Married to Paul Hansen. Mother of 4 adult children (2 boys, 2 girls).
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Church Council

Council Facilitator – Pastor Kevin Walton
Church Clerk – Mariah Olson
Spiritual Growth Co-Chairs – Stephanie Sykes and Tannie Eshenaur
Missions Chair – Jane Larson
Treasurer – Kari Schell
Financial Secretary – Paul Eberhard
Facilities Chair – Paul Hansen
Deacon Chair – Maria Spitael
Deacons – Agnes Lamptey, Doris B-Thompson, Mary Ellen Smith, Jenise Teske, Zach Evans,
Amy Larson, Wendell Geary, John Wilson, Ntxawg Yang

Albert Botchway
Corey Colestock
Rebekka Colestock
Wally Eshenaur
Bruce Peterson
Judy Rakestraw